Miami Heat: Did DeShawn Stevenson Just Ask LeBron James For Help?

By Richard Nurse
DeShawn Stevenson
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

At times we see things on the internet that are so bizarre that you really have no other choice but to assume that people’s tweets had been hijacked. For instance, when this message popped up on a Twitter page attributed to DeShawn Stevenson:

A statement like that shouldn’t be anything too odd. It’s actually probably been the norm since the Big Three came together. However, that kind of plea coming from Stevenson is flat-out weird. Weird enough to make you wonder if it was tweeted by him or the woman (Jessica Marie) who he shares the account with.

That’s because James and Stevenson have a colorful past that dates back to their Washington Wizards versus Cleveland Cavaliers days. You know, when he called The Chosen One overrated and proclaimed “I don’t like that dude.”

Which spiraled into James’ friend (Jay Z) making a song about his rival.

But Stevenson had the last laugh when his defense helped the Dallas Mavericks shut down The King’s hopes for his first title and celebrated with his: “Hey LeBron, how’s my Dirk taste?” t-shirt.

Obviously Stevenson seems like he buried the hatchet, but I wonder if James still holds a grudge? Or can he be like Kobe Bryant who seems to go out and seek his rivals as teammates?

He did it with Matt Barnes who faked hitting him in the face with the ball—a then—Ron Artest who wanted to fight after an elbow and he recruited Raja Bell, who once clothes-lined him in the lane.

“He told me one day that anyone crazy enough to mess with me [Bryant] is crazy enough to play with me,” Barnes said of Bryant to the LA Times in 2010.

Kobe respects people that go at him, but who knows if James respects those who attack and then beg for favors. I know I don’t.

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