New York Knicks Must Avoid a Chris Duhon Sequel

By Kyle Bostic
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember seeing a movie that was terrible, leaving the theater glad to be done with it and then discovering that the studio was in the works of making a sequel? That feeling is the collective, “Oh, please no, if there is a God,” New York Knicks fans let forth when they heard that their team was interested in the return of Chris Duhon.

Yes, the same Duhon who we watched for two seasons muddle and meander through Mike D’Antoni‘s offense during his first stint in New York. The guy who made Raymond Felton look like Isaiah Thomas in comparison and Stephon Marbury eat glue in reaction to a coach telling him that Duhon was a better fit for a team.

The Knicks are seriously considering bringing in a guard who, in significant minutes for the Los Angeles Lakers last season, averaged 2.9 points per game, 2.9 assist and nearly one turnover per game. Those stats can tell you that he is a consummate professional at being terrible. The Manhattan franchise, whose point guard issues came into light with Felton’s injury last season, need a stable body to run the offense in case an injury happens. From past experience, most can tell that that player isn’t Duhon.

Sebastian Telfair is supposedly close to inking a deal with the Miami Heat. Beno Udrih is holding out for more than the veteran’s minimum, as is guard Mo Williams. All of these are better options than watching someone repetitively come off picks without any explosiveness, looking to pass the ball so he can avoid a turnover.

The Knicks need to be reminded that sequels usual stink, but this one has the smell that can clear out a building. Please, GM Glen Grunwald, think of Duhon as your “New Nightmare.”

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