Milwaukee Bucks Will Play Brandon Knight at Point Guard

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Bucks Will Play Brandon Knight at Point Guard
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There has been much speculation among the media whether Brandon Knight can play the point guard position at a high enough level. Obviously, the Milwaukee Bucks traded Brandon Jennings to the Detroit Pistons to upgrade the position from someone who takes too many unnecessary shots to someone who is actually capable of playing point the correct way. Whether fans believe Knight is capable or not, it does not matter as the Bucks absolutely plan to use Knight at the one spot.

“I’m a point guard, there’s no question in my mind,” Knight said, according to

Head coach Larry Drew wanted a young player who is loaded with potential to play point guard for him. That is why he was determined to pry Jeff Teague away from the Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta matching Milwaukee’s offer sheet could be a blessing in disguise as Drew is thrilled with what the Bucks were able to acquire from the Pistons.

“What he brings to the table is what a coach looks for at that position, the speed, the quickness,” Drew said, according to “The ability to make shots, the ability to get to the lane. The ability to make other people better. I don’t know where this, ‘Is he a point guard, is he a shooting guard?’ came from. He’s always, in my eyes, been a point guard. A point guard that has the ability to score, and that’s a big, big luxury.”

What Drew sees in Knight is certainly something fans had hoped to see from Jennings. Unfortunately, the pressure of trying to carry an offense made him into a player that is incapable of consistently playing point guard the right way. The good news for Milwaukee is that Knight and veteran Luke Ridnour know what it takes to help a team win, even if it means not scoring a lot of points every game.

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