Miami Heat: LeBron James Must Participate in 2014 Dunk Contest

By Will Connolly
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all seen LeBron James throw down some memorizing dunks in his day, but the question remains as to why he will not compete in an NBA Slam Dunk Contest. I’m sure basketball fans can remember moments from earlier this year where LeBron displayed his pure athletic ability in pregame warm-ups by throwing down a variety of magnificent dunks with relative ease.

This is somewhat frustrating as an NBA fan, as we want to see are the best players competing at the highest level. And if Bron Bron were to participate in just one Slam Dunk Contest, I feel as though his already tremendous stature would only continue to grow.

Now LeBron can deny it if he wants to, but we all know he is chasing his “Airness” Michael Jordan in becoming the greatest player to ever play the game. Many say it can’t be accomplished, but there are still some who believe. And if James wants to even be acknowledged amongst the greatest of all-time, he needs to win a dunk contest, as the mighty Jordan has two under his belt.

Kobe Bryant, who is also considered to be one of the best, also has a dunk contest championship to accompany his many other great accomplishments. If James were to win, he would join the last Miami Heat player to win the contest, two-time champion Harold Miner (1993, 1995).

Truly, the only reason LeBron wouldn’t want to participate is because he’s scared he might lose. But considering the fact that no one in the entire league can throw it down quite like King James, I don’t see how he could. His sole participation would boost the ratings of the contest ten-fold, as well as showing fans across the world that he’s still out there to have some fun.

Please LeBron, listen to our plea. Do it for us.

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