Chicago Bulls' Owner Jerry Reinsdorf Wants Son To Take Over

By Courtney Harden
Owner wants son to take over
David Banks – USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf has been in control of the team since 1985.   He took over a very mediocre team and his group of people bought them for $9.25 million.  Since then, the Bulls have won six NBA championships during the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen years in the 1990s and the team is worth over $800 million according to Forbes.   So why would an owner with that much success want to step down and give up the reigns to his son, Michael Reinsdorf?

Because Jerry Reinsdorf says he is tired and unwilling to give his all to the Bulls anymore.

Michael Reinsdorf, who has been the Chief Operating Officer and President since 2010, has some credentials for the job.  He has been around his dad for many years picking up his work habits.  He represents the Bulls at their Board of Governors meetings.  While his dad has paid more attention to the baseball team, the Chicago White Sox, Michael Reinsdorf has been there for the Bulls on a more day to day basis leading the charge to keep them a winner.

Jerry Reinsdorf hasn’t officially stepped down yet, and the question is how much freedom and leeway does Michael have now?  Gar Forman, General Manager of the Bulls and John Paxson, Vice President of Basketball Operations of the Bulls, still run decisions through Jerry.  It will be very noteworthy to see how basketball operations will run once Michael Reinsdorf gains more control.

Jerry Reinsdorf has been a very successful and legendary owner.  When Michael Reinsdorf fully takes over the position, will the people that work for him show the same kind of respect like they do for his father?  He will be scrutinized every step of the way.  Only time will tell.

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