Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo a Hot Commodity in Trade Whispers

By Kyle Bostic
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Tupac brilliantly titled his initial opus when he signed to Death Row Records, “All Eyes on Me,” to indicate to all that his every move was under constant surveillance from the recording industry. This upcoming season the watchful eye of every true contending team will be on elite Rajon Rondo to see how the Boston Celtics handle their rebuilding situation.

None of the major components of the Celtics’ 2007 championship team wanted any part of a rebuilding situation around Rondo. Ray Allen took his talents to South Beach before being screamed at for not helping on a screen by the point guard. Doc Rivers left Rondo for the greener pastures which were Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett now call Brooklyn home and are anxious to stand behind their new floor general Deron Williams. Which leaves Rondo, who is arguably one of the top five players at his position, trying to find mediocrity with the likes of Jeff Green and Brandon Bass.

It’s not like he isn’t on the tips of the tongues of every fringe contender or serious player for a championship. The Indiana Pacers have floated the idea of trading Danny Granger for Rondo in the hopes that Boston will bite on the expiring contract for a final effort to supersede the Miami Heat. He is certainly on the New York Knicks‘ radar, who are readily looking for a Robin or even a Superman to tune the music with the likes of Carmelo Anthony. Even the Detroit Pistons didn’t wait for the ink to dry on Brandon Jennings new deal before whispers got out that they might move him for Rondo.

Yet Rondo currently resides in Boston the best player on a bad team who is unappreciated more than the early Tupac albums. The rest of the league waits and salivates over the Rondo possibilities, but they definitely will keep one eye on him like CBS.

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