Derrick Favors Needs To Develop Into Low Post Threat For Utah Jazz to Be Playoff Caliber

By Dave Daniels
Utah Jazz
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz had their struggles last season and if you expect them to be playoff caliber going forward then it will depend on the development of Derrick Favors. Gordon Heyward has developed into quite a nice player and he impressed many at the US national team minicamp.

You can view the Jazz’s full schedule here, and something tells me that they will not make the playoffs next season. For them to eventually get there, Favors will have to develop a good enough low post game that commands a double team. If he can do that then it will open up other holes in the defense. The West is loaded right now though and it would shock many to see the Jazz break through. If they do though look to the emergence of a young post player blossoming into an All Star.

They have quite a few Monday games, but let us just hope that it does not turn into a Monday kind of season for the Jazz. That is all for today, but if you have any comments feel free to Rant them below or hit me up on twitter.

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