Los Angeles Clippers' Reggie Bullock is a Classy Guy

By Robert Lin
Reggie Bullock
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the NBA had a four-day Rookie Transition Program held in New Jersey to help get adjusted to the life of a pro player through a series of seminars and guest speakers.  Minnesota Timberwolves forward Shabazz Muhammad was dismissed from the program for bringing an unapproved guest to his hotel room.  The Los Angeles Clippers‘ own rookie, Reggie Bullock, managed to complete the program.  The reason why is because he had a good guardian and role model in his grandmother, Patricia Williams.

Williams was a minister and church elder in Bullock’s hometown of Kingston, North Carolina.  She became his official guardian ever since his father passed away when he was only six years old.  Every Wednesday, she made him leave early from basketball practice to attend Bible study.  She taught him to be thoughtful, polite, and humble.  When he got a foul call in summer league that he disagreed with, his initial frown would turn into a smile.  Her actions protected him from the evils of the neighborhood.

When Bullock played in the Jordan Brand All-American Game in high school in New York, his grandmother arranged a bus to carry his neighborhood friends and family to cheer for him at the game.  He was so touched by their presence that he went home with his grandmother instead of staying overnight at a hotel.  Bullock’s grandmother passed away in 2011 during his freshman year at University of North Carolina, but he still holds a memory of her through a tattoo on his left arm with her name engraved.

Glimpses of his game in summer league show that Bullock is a good shooter, comes off well from pindowns to shoot, and competes on defense.  He knows his role and will not deviate from his strengths because he is a humble guy.  He always has a tattoo of his grandmother to help him stay focused.

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