Miami Heat: LeBron James Will Not Pursue Union Presidency

By Will Connolly
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

According to USA TODAY, Miami Heat superstar LeBron James will not pursue a bid for the NBPA presidency. It has been splashed across headlines all over the country that James might attempt to takeover Derek Fisher‘s former position as union president. But as LeBron has now removed himself from that possibility, he will support his teammate James Jones, the current treasurer of the union, in his possible bid for the presidency.

There is still a lot of turmoil surrounding the union considering the legal battle that is playing out between Fisher and former president Billy Hunter in his misuse of union funds during his time as head of the NBPA.

In a recent interview with James, he expressed his disagreement with the union’s direction stating, “I just think the union’s going backwards.”

Jerry Stackhouse, a high ranking executive on the union’s board responded to these statements saying, “To make that statement about where we are as a union right now, he was misinformed.”

It’s obvious that Stackhouse was just trying to protect the union’s reputation and make sure there is no more skepticism surrounding whether the NBPA is heading in the right direction or not.

“He’s the best player in the game right now and we want the entire league to be involved. But he needs to be more informed in speaking on union business,” said Stackhouse.

The union is hoping to crown a new leader at their summer meetings in Las Vegas next week.

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