Sacramento Kings Rumors: Team Going to Court With Macy’s Over Construction of New Arena?

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The Sacramento Kings want a new arena. Their current building, Sleep Train Arena, is considered to be more of a walled-in fortress and the franchise wants to give them a new home now that they are staying in California.

The proposed stadium is supposed to be placed in the Downtown Plaza, but the planning has hit somewhat of a snag as of late. According to CBS News, the owner of a Macy’s in that space is not willing to sell the property to accommodate the Kings’ new arena.

Surprisingly, the owner of that particular space will not even allow an appraiser onto his land in effort to continue planning.

It is said that the team may wind up having to file an eminent domain claim against the major retailer, so that they can move forward with this proposed building. A firm called C3 took over this space due to a foreclosure and they simply aren’t willing to budge.

In a statement, the Kings owners said “This entity called C3, which is pretty anonymous, and pretty much an absentee owner, just doesn’t want to cooperate.”

The problem with this, beyond just not being able to move forward with the construction process, is the fact that the NBA has set a deadline for the team to have their new stadium done. If they do not have a new arena by the year 2017, they could end up moving when all is said and done.

Kings fans certainly don’t want to see that happen after the news they received this offseason about getting to see their team stay home, rather than move to Seattle.

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  • Guest

    Sacramento City Manager John Shirey said tonight before the Sacramento Council meeting that appraisers are being allowed onto Macy’s property.

  • JohnMarcotte

    Macy’s does not own the property. They were tenants and have announced they will be moving. Headline is a bit deceptive. Macy’s has nothing to do with it at this point.

  • Joe Brunner

    What a poorly worded title. What if people boycotted Macy’s because they didn’t read further into the article? This type of shoddy journalism causes you to lose integrity in my opinion. Get your story straight. Go KINGS!