San Antonio Spurs: Kawhi Leonard Wants to Become a Superstar

By Justin Brown
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

After an impressive sophomore campaign, San Antonio Spurs’ forward Kawhi Leonard has been taking it easy so far this summer, recovering from a long season and getting his knee issues right. Recently, Leonard did make an appearance at a Spurs Kids basketball camp, and fielded a couple media questions afterwards. When asked if he wanted to see his name on the All-Star ballot this year, Leonard responded:

“It’s a goal of mine already. Just trying to be an NBA superstar, All-Star player.”

So it seems apparent that Kawhi Leonard does not only want to become an All-Star level player, but an NBA Superstar. Now, it’s worth noting that Leonard is not the type to frequently predict the outlandish, ridiculous things that, say, Metta World Peace is known for. Honestly, Leonard barely talks to the media about things like this at all. So it is safe to say that when he says something like this, he honestly means it.

Could Kawhi potentially become an NBA Superstar one day? Well, that depends on your definition of the word “Superstar”. It seems unlikely that Kawhi will ever put up “Superstar” scoring numbers, because with his selective, efficient shot collection, he does not have enough opportunities. Or that the soft-spoken Leonard, who plays in San Antonio, will ever become a Superstar in the casual NBA fans eyes in terms of popularity. But could he realistically average 18-20 ppg to go along with 10 rebounds sometime in the future? Certainly, especially after Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili hang them up in a few years. Combine this with his ability to be a lockdown defender, and it seems Leonard does have all the tools to become as invaluable as any Superstar level player.

We don’t know what Leonard’s ceiling is today, which is scary. But we now know his goal, which is to become an NBA superstar. Only time will tell if his goal becomes true. Either way, for a player with his ability, work ethic and character, it will certainly be exciting to monitor Leonard’s progress as he tries to take the next step.

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