New York Knicks Have More Punch Than A Year Ago

By Jimmie Haywood III
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Behind the scenes, the New York Knicks have had an amazing offseason thus far, given their obvious cap limitations. The Knicks have become a deeper and more versatile team that has a much better chance to get a championship now than it did last year.

By trading virtually nothing to the Toronto Raptors for stretch forward Andrea Bargnani, adding muscle by signing Metta World Peace and luring point guard Beno Udrih to join Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni, New York’s front office has done its job, now it will be up to the Knicks’ coaching staff to get the most out of the names on the roster.

Last season, coach Mike Woodson surprised everyone by transforming the Knicks into a defensive-minded team; the direct reason they led the NBA in 3-pointers made per game last season was because they knew they had what it took to compete on the other end. With that philosophy in place, Woodson has a chance to lead the Knicks much farther this coming season.

The additions of  Bargnani and World Peace in the frontcourt, and point guard  Udrih in the backcourt are just the bandages that a talented Knicks’ roster needs.

The 2013 Knicks will have a refined frontcourt that can attack inside and out; they added defense on the perimeter, and overall depth at the point guard position — all of which might have swung the pendulum in New York’s favor during its playoff semifinal series against the Indiana Pacers last season.

With the Brooklyn Nets‘ additions of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett imminent in the division, the looming return of Derrick Rose to a battle-tested Chicago Bulls squad and Danny Granger to a Pacers unit fresh off a deep playoff run, New York has made vital moves to stand against the tide in the Eastern Conference

More importantly, they’ve set themselves up to contend with the reigning NBA champion Miami Heat, who the Knicks beat three times last season in four total meetings.

Its now or never for this current Knicks team.

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