Boston Celtics' Trade of Fab Melo Has Virtually No Impact Other Than Potential Cap Space

By Paul Seaver
Mark L. Baer-USA Today Sports

On Thursday afternoon, the Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies reached a deal that swaps a pair of former first round draft choices between the two organizations. The Celtics will send Fab Melo to Memphis in exchange for 25-year old Donte Greene.

Now, not only does this mid-August deal not have any real headline-grabbing attention, it also holds virtually no barring for the Celtics. Melo has struggled to develop in his first few seasons at the NBA level and although Boston could have used him in the front court more this season, the long-term impact was certainly not on their agenda.

Melo has always been looked at as a project player and a true 7-footer who was going to need time to develop, but were the Celtics really ever going to use him in their rotation in the coming years? Boston, who has already entered rebuilding mode this off-season, clearly does not have any future plans for him — hence, the move here. In turn however, Greene’s contract moving forward is non-guaranteed, so Boston can virtually waive him at any time and move under the luxury tax. This could be the biggest reasoning behind the deal. Best case scenario is Greene actually pans out and becomes a contributor in a Celtics’ lineup that is expected to struggle during the 2013-14 season, but who really knows what will happen at this point.

This move is just another deal that Boston feels can broaden their future financially. As for Melo however, he will be a name to keep an eye on moving forward — it’ll be interesting to see if he can develop anymore as a member of the Grizzlies or if his career is coming to a close faster than many expected.


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