Mikhail Prokhorov Very Confident About Brooklyn Nets For 2015

By Mike B. Ruiz
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has enabled general manager Billy King to put together a lethal roster on paper, but the Russian billionaire thinks he can do even better down the line.

“No, the future of Brooklyn, I am absolutely calm,” said Prokhorov in an interview with Russian sports website Sport-Express. “Two years later, when our payroll will clear, we will be even stronger. I cannot reveal the names of the stars, which, having become free agents will want to go to Brooklyn. For such things, the NBA would fine me.

“But believe me, there are such people” Prokhorov continued. “Our selection service [front office] does not sit around and wait for the future.”

With a current starting lineup of Deron WilliamsJoe JohnsonPaul PierceKevin Garnett and Brook Lopez, it’s difficult to fathom an even more dangerous plethora of talent.

But if there is any owner in the league that could make it happen, you best believe it’s Prokhorov. While other owners are only signing checks very cautiously for fear of a massive luxury tax bill, Prokhorov spends and spends for the sake of bringing a world championship to Brooklyn.

The amount of success of this current group has should have an impact on whether or not Prokhorov continues to spend so freely, however. If loading up on stars doesn’t result in anything more than hundreds of millions of dollars a year in luxury-tax bills, it wouldn’t make sense for him to keep signing an abundance of top-notch players.

That still remains to be seen, but as for right now, other owners better take him for his word.

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