Toronto Raptors: Kyle Lowry is the Epitome of Mediocrity

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It’s tough to be a fan of the Toronto Raptors lately. The team isn’t going anywhere soon except for continuous draft lotteries, and a championship seems to be out of the question for many years to come.

New general manager Masai Ujiri has made a few moves to try and help improve the future of the franchise, and he definitely deserves some credit for the things he has done so far. Getting rid of the contract of Andrea Bargnani seemed nearly impossible, but Ujiri made it happen.

Heading into 2013, the Raptors are set to allow Kyle Lowry to run the point for his second year in Toronto and if you’re not excited about that, well, I can’t blame you.

Since coming into the NBA in 2006 out of Villanova, Lowry has evolved into a semi-decent player. A career average of 10.6 points, 5.0 assists and 41.7 is as mediocre as it gets with NBA point guards, and well, Lowry is just plain boring.

With the Houston Rockets, it looked like he might break out. Two seasons playing over 30 minutes per game allowed him to put up career highs in both points and assists, but still, they were nothing too special.

It feels like Lowry was a star waiting to happen, but he just never got to that point. He had shown flashes of being an excellent pro, he really did. I had some hope for the Raptors after they brought him in, but alas, I see that nothing has really changed.

If Lowry wants to take it up a notch anytime soon, I think his critics would be just fine with that. The Raptors need a leader on the court, and he just isn’t the guy — at least for now. Lowry has to step up and simply do more in every single aspect of the game this season. If he doesn’t, he may solidify himself as the epitome of mediocre.

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  • aндрій базилевич

    well a more rounded rotation might favor lowry so i wouldnt count him out of fantasy leagues just yet…

  • Ya Boy Miggs

    SO what if he is boring? he is a SOlid PG and does the LITTLE things. If you knew about the game of basketball, youd know he does what he is asked. If he stays healthy for a season he has the capability of being a Allstar. Put some good players around him in Toronto..Besides Rudy gay. Whoever wrote this article doesnt know much about the game as a whole.

    • Ryan Heckman

      “Capability of being an All Star” is exactly what I’m talking about. Hasn’t gotten there yet.

  • Guest

    Ryan Heckman…what crawled up his ass??

  • abola2121

    Ryan Hack-man should keep his day job.

    • ryanheckmanshutup

      I know. I made my account cuz this guy. He thinks the Celtics should trade rondo for Lin cuz he’s “hard to coach”. I don’t think this guy watches basketball

      • Ryan Heckman

        Interesting. I never once said those words.

  • Ryan Heckman

    I respect your opinions, but you all sound like a bunch of devoted Raptors fanboys. Lowry IS mediocre. Like our pal Ya Boy Miggs said down there, he has NOT been an All Star. Capability? Sure. But has he gotten there yet? Nope. He’s not terrible, but he’s not great either. That’s why ‘mediocre’ fits him ideally.

  • DDayLewis

    This is a really poor article.

    You slag Lowry for his raw numbers being low, then you don’t credit him for raising those totals when he played more minutes. Why not just present his per 36 minute stats, which show that he’s been consistently good throughout his career?

    Also, field goal percentage isn’t very accurate when it comes to assessing a point guard’s shooting ability. Three pointers are worth more points, but they’re more difficult to sink. Effective field-goal percentage accounts for this difference. By eFG%, Lowry is above average.

    “Lowry isn’t a leader” – right, because you were there on the court and you’re also there in the locker room. Otherwise, this isn’t just completely speculation on your part, right?

    I get that your medium is quick hits for cheap blog-views, but it doesn’t mean that the content has to be empty.

  • Ya Boy Miggs

    so what about when lowry was in Houston and killing it…he was gunna be an allstar…. Ryan Heckman u must have never touched a basketball in your life bro. why do u think Rudy gay agreed to a trade to toronto? Because of the opportunity of the point guard being a leader. Lowry is PHILLY guard aka his basketball knowledge is above the rest. if u watch Philly players and especially lowry they are hard nosed and do like i said the LITTLE THINGS. you put good players around him and watch him and his team flourish. 2k even has a better persspective then you RYAN…they got him at a 83 N a 3 point shooter. obviously everyone knows something you dont bro