Raymond Felton Shows Why He Is New York Knicks' Bulldog

By Kyle Bostic
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Pierce, the Brooklyn Nets‘ recent acquisition, has been chomping at the bit to ignite a flame in an already contentious rivalry. Gaudy proclamations, such as New York City is now “Net Village” and that the Nets need to act like Jay Z and “Run this city,” have flown out of Pierce’s mouth. Leave it up to New York Knicks’ resident bulldog to protect their stake for city champs.

Raymond Felton, the guy who supplied most of the heart for a soft Knicks team last year, thought that Pierce had been “talking junk” since he got into town. He also scoffed at ESPN prognosticators for saying that the Knicks would finish fifth. “Come on,” he said. The Bulldog was obviously snarling, but he has good reason to.

Last season, the New York Knicks played a style of basketball that was more reminiscent of their Western Conference counterparts. Drive and kick, heavily reliant on the three-point field goal, the Knicks’ “outscore you method” drove them to a division title. It was orchestrated mostly by Felton. In Felton’s absence last year, the Knicks went 6-6 and were a .500 team until he got back in rhythm around April.

The Knicks were also accused of being a soft team last year. Most opponents who had success against them were able to push them around, like Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers. It will be hard to see that reoccurring with the likes of Metta World Peace, Kenyon Martin and Raymond Felton being in the fold for the whole basketball season.

A Bulldog is usually a dog who protects the house. Felton assures that the ball will usually be in good hands and he doesn’t back up from anybody. If they can improve his defense from last year, the Atlantic Division title will be kept on the leash of the Manhattan inhabitants.

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