How Good Can Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry Be Next Season?

By Michael Terrill
How Good Can Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry Be Next Season
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is an exceptional basketball player who has exceeded expectations. At this point, the Warriors and the rest of the NBA are curious as to how good he can actually be. Does Curry have what it takes to take home the MVP award during the 2013-14 season?

“Name two guys who had a better playoff than him,” a Golden State assistant coach told “He was killing guys. If Curry stays healthy [this season] — and with Andre Iguodala there to guard the opponent’s most difficult offensive guard — he could lead the league in scoring. He already had incredible confidence, but now that he’s done it, this year will be different for him. Now he knows he’s better than a lot of guys. He’ll definitely make the All-Star team. And the Warriors have improved their team. I’d definitely throw him in as an MVP candidate.”

Through four seasons, Curry has certainly proven to be one of the top offensive point guards in the league. In fact, he ranked seventh in the NBA last season in points per game (22.9). The statistic was good for second among point guards behind only Russell Westbrook. Curry was also the top point guard, and fifth overall player, in points per game (23.4) during the playoffs.

At this point, his overall numbers would only need to improve slightly next season in order to be considered a legitimate MVP candidate. Not to mention, the Warriors will have to step up their game as well, which means they will have to improve on their 47-35 record. There is no doubt how well a team does affect the MVP chances of its star player. Therefore, Golden State’s win total will have to be somewhere in the mid-50s. The good news is the team has gotten better in the offseason, which means they should easily be able to clear 50 victories.

Curry has all the makings to be a MVP. However, certain things will have to fall his way next season in order for the dream to become a reality.

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