What Does Kris Humphries Need to Do to Raise His Value as Trade Chip for Boston Celtics?

By Cody Williams
Kris Humphries Celtics trade
Chris Humphreys – USA Today Sports Images

If you’re expecting the Boston Celtics to be a force in the 2013-2014 NBA season, that’s not going to happen. After trading away Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry this summer, the Celtics are really left with Rajon Rondo and only a few other young players that will be around for the foreseeable future.

Though Rondo was the subject of several trade rumors, the latest reports seem to indicate that Rondo will be staying with the Celtics. However, two new additions to the Celtics, Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries, are two players that Boston would love to be able to deal.

The problem that arises with dealing either Wallace or Humphries is the fact that both players aren’t even close to being worth the contracts that their under. However, considering that Humphries is an expiring contract, it would seem he would be the easier of the two players to deal. If that’s going to happen, though, Humphries is going to have to improve his value this season.

With the Brooklyn Nets last year, Humphries was awful, especially in comparison to his previous two seasons with the Nets. This past season he averaged only 5.8 points and 5.6 rebounds in 18.3 minutes per game last season on just 44.8 percent shooting. After having a PER of just under 18 in the two years prior, he posted only a 13.67 PER last year.

Humphries noticeably worsened on both the offensive end of the floor and, more surprisingly, on the glass last season. He simply didn’t look like the same player who warranted the two-year, $24 million contract that he’s currently playing under.

The ideal scenario for the Celtics would be if they could put Humphries into a role where he can be an effective rebounder once again and will be able to score easy buckets at the rim. By showing off the fact that Humphries can still do those things, it will increase his value in a potential trade. However the Celtics can, they have to help Humphries succeed to help their franchise potentially succeed in the future.

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