Are Houston Rockets Smart to Agree to Contract with Ronnie Brewer?

By Michael Terrill
Are Houston Rockets Smart to Agree to Contract with Ronnie Brewer
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets have reportedly agreed to a two-year deal with veteran journeyman Ronnie Brewer. There is no denying the Rockets have made some of the best moves of any team in the league this offseason. However, signing Brewer, even if it is a partially guaranteed contract, is definitely a head scratcher.

It is obvious Houston is trying to bolster their depth on the wing behind small forward Chandler Parsons, but is Brewer really the man for the job. There is no question he will bring much needed defensive skills to the team, but he is a long way from being an offensive threat off the bench.

Brewer averaged 0.9 points and 2.9 rebounds per game for the Oklahoma City Thunder last season. He also shot 26.1 percent from the field and 20.0 percent from beyond the arc in 14 contests. It should be pointed out that he has a career .492 field goal percentage, which means he is certainly capable of doing some damage, assuming he has anything left to give in that department.

The fact is the Rockets will be entering camp later this year with 18 players. The odds of Brewer making the team are slim to none considering he lacks an offensive game. For an organization that has their eyes set on making a NBA championship appearance, they need players that can be more than just a defensive specialist. With that being said, if Brewer can somehow show some fire power, like he did earlier in his career, than he definitely has a shot at making the 15-man roster.

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