Brooklyn Nets Guard Deron Williams Already A Better Leader

By Mike B. Ruiz
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

For much of last season, people wondered what had happened to Deron Williams.

His efficiency had surprisingly dipped, and he oftentimes appeared as if he were playing with sand bags wrapped around his ankles. The Brooklyn Nets point guard didn’t seem completely committed to being his best until he shed some excess weight as the season progressed, returning to his former All-Star form as a result.

Now, after all the money the Nets have spent this summer, Williams is as dedicated to his team as ever, as he recently organized voluntary workouts for Brooklyn’s players out in Los Angeles. 10 players arrived at the workouts, and new head coach Jason Kidd is loving the initiative Williams has taken.

“[Williams] had to put in a lot of work to get the guys to meet in one area,” said Kidd to the New York Post, “but I think it just shows his growth, and that he’s serious about winning.”

Organizing these workouts does say tons about Williams and his leadership qualities. Sure, the Nets now have future Hall of Famers in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, but Williams isn’t using their presence as an excuse to lay back and let them take over the team. It’s evident that he truly desires to be the dog at the very front of this sled.

Also, Williams is helping the team take important strides before training camp even begins. The roster has been injected with plenty of new talent that will take time to properly gel. Starting that process so early will only help speed it up in the long run.

There’s been a large amount of championship chatter around the Nets over the last few months, and Williams is looking like a player who’s anxious to chase down that championship.

At this rate, no one should be asking what happened to him this season.

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