Mark Cuban Seems to Know Dallas Mavericks are In Trouble in the Long Term

By Cody Williams
Mark Cuban Mavs Dwight
Matthew Emmons – USA Today Sports Images

The Dallas Mavericks missed on signing Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden this summer, despite those guys being plans A, B and C. The Mavs trucked on through the NBA off-season, though, and ended up signing a number of free-agents before all was said and done, focusing on a high quantity of good players than just one potentially great player.

Owner Mark Cuban remained confident in the strategy that he and his team ultimately employed this summer when they signed Monta Ellis, Jose Calderon, Samule Dalembert and DeJuan Blair. In fact, Cuban had even said that he felt like this Mavericks team was better off than if they had been able to sign Howard.

Cuban clarified those comments about Howard on Fox Sports Live this week when asked about them. His reasoning behind the comments was that he felt like the team improved in a number of areas instead of just getting an elite player at one position. However, the most poignant statement that he made, to me at least, was when Cuban said that he believed Howard would have been better for the long term.

In that regard, Cuban is absolutely right. Even with the signing of a number of solid players, this Mavericks team is still built around Dirk Nowitzki. Had the Mavs signed Dwight, it would have given them an outlet to transition from Dirk in the future. Now they only have a solid supporting cast, which doesn’t exactly bring any solace.

The Mavs may be better than some people, myself included, expect them to be this season. However, as we continue to get closer to the end of Nowitzki’s career, this Mavs team may struggle in the years to come, which wouldn’t happen had they signed Dwight.

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