Raymond Felton is Totally Right Saying Carmelo Anthony is a Better Scorer than Kevin Durant

By Kyle Bostic
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

When you first hear anything pertaining to Carmelo Anthony being better than Kevin Durant, you automatically dismiss it as something birthed in the brain of a total fanatic. “He’s crazy” is the normal reaction to most people who even suggest that Anthony might be a better scorer than Durant. The truth is that when a guard who has played in the league for close to ten years say it, we should listen before we scoff at him.

Raymond Felton suggested that Carmelo Anthony may be a better scorer than Kevin Durant. He stated his reasons, suggesting that the advantage of Anthony having a true post game gives him the edge. Many people have ran to sheer statistics to back up their argument that Durant is by far the better player but have ignored the numerous double teams Anthony draws or the number of defenders that are assigned to Anthony per play, preferring to ignore Russell Westbrook’s total contribution to the offense.

When you look at sheer numbers, Durant is unmatched as a scorer.  Durant has led the league in scoring and last season averaged an astonishing 50 percent from the field, with 90 percent from the line and 40 percent from three. His numbers dipped dramatically with Westbrook out the lineup only averaging less than 40 percent shooting from the field during the playoffs after Westbrook’s injury.

Meanwhile, Anthony has adopted the position of ultimate stretch four and has had a truly dominant season. His ability to dominate from the mid-post has been an enigma for defenses to figure out. Do we guard him with a bigger defender so he can’t post against a smaller guy? Do we take our chances on the perimeter because he isn’t as efficient from there as he is from the key? The biggest difference between the two players is that Anthony has figured out he is a mismatch while Durant is still learning.

Durant is obviously if not one of the top three superstars in the NBA . LeBron James, who is undoubtedly the greatest player in the world, had to learn some things to ascend to the position he is in currently. Anthony is the top scorer in the NBA because he understands the places on the court where he creates a mismatch. If Durant understood the same thing he would be equally as dangerous.

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