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Lamar Odom’s Personal Issues Should Take Precedent Over Free Agency

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Matthew Emmons – USA Today Sports Images

The Los Angeles Clippers are one of a few teams around the NBA that have expressed interest in Lamar Odom this summer. Unlike those other team’s, though, the Clippers would be looking to re-sign Odom who spent last season with the Clips and also spent the first four years of his career there as well.

However, with the latest reports regarding Odom, basketball and any potential free agency signings should be at the back of everyone’s, even the Clippers’, minds.

TMZ reported on Friday that Odom has been battling hardcore drug abuse and addiction over the past two years. Reportedly this substance abuse problem has caused problems in his marriage to Khole Kardashian and would also explain his noticeable decline in performance over the past two seasons.

TMZ followed up on the report on Sunday saying that Odom has been missing for the past three days and his family and friends are worried that he’s out on a crack-cocaine binge, his reported vice of choice. An update on the report from TMZ said that the new outlet spoke to Odom’s representatives who said that the power forward is fine.

We all know that TM isn’t exactly what you would call a reputable news source, but these reports are undoubtedly troubling. There is without question something going on with Odom, even if it’s not drug addiction.

Before Odom is re-signed by the Clippers or signs with another organization, he needs to get his personal affairs in order. This isn’t about how he wouldn’t be an effective player nor is it about how it would be a bad investment by a team; this is about Odom getting healthy, both physically and mentally. This is a human being, not just a basketball player, and he obviously needs help with whatever is affecting him.

Cody Williams is a Senior Writer with Rant Sports. Follow Cody on Twitter @TheSizzle20, add him on Google and like his Facebook page.

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