Larry Sanders Wants Milwaukee Bucks to be on Same Page

By Michael Terrill
Larry Sanders Wants Milwaukee Bucks to be on Same Page
Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

No one outside of the organization has given the Milwaukee Bucks a chance for the 2013-14 NBA season. Many have given the team a mere average grade for the outstanding offseason general manager John Hammond was able to maneuver, while others do not believe the Bucks will make the playoffs. With that being said, center Larry Sanders believes the team can accomplish many things in the ensuing year as long as they stick together.

Sanders was going to work out with Team USA over the summer. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury in one of the first practices that prevented him from doing much on the court. However, he was able to take in some words of wisdom from the talented coaching staff that he would like to relay to his teammates.

“They talked a lot about unity, which is great … how everybody has to not really put their egos aside, but join egos for the USA ego – individuals putting everything aside to help the team win,” Sanders said, according to “They all have the same goal in mind, and having that mindset going forward.

“I think that’s something we can bring to the Milwaukee Bucks, and just get everyone pointing in the same direction and focusing on contributing to win the game. I’m excited about how much better of a team we could be if everyone had that same mindset.

“Unity isn’t something that should be addressed in the playoffs. It should be addressed in the preseason, before we ever play a regular-season game. And everything will be ironed out. You go through situations and learn from them. You learn how to handle situations and how to do things better. I think we learned a couple things the last couple of years. We need to put those things in action and hopefully be successful.”

Obviously, the sky is the limit for the Bucks going forward if the players can accomplish this fairly simple task. That is the one thing they will have going for them. There are no superstars in Milwaukee, at least not yet, so they have to use team chemistry as an advantage to defeat opposing teams.

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