Philadelphia 76ers Still Must Get Over NBA Salary Cap Floor

By Cody Williams
Sixers Tanking
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports Images

The tanking Philadelphia 76ers have done a fantastic job of ridding themselves of long-term salary commitments and filling their roster with expiring contracts and young players that will help them in the future. They are going to be one of the worst teams in the NBA this season, but they are going to be set up well for the future.

However, one of the problems that the Sixers face in the present is the fact that they are still under the salary floor for this season set by the league. The floor is reported to be around $52 million while the Sixers only have $41.2 million in salary committed to player for the upcoming season.

Obviously that means that Philly is going to have to be active in the few weeks leading up to training camp, the preseason and then the regular season. They are not only going to have to bring in a fair share of bodies, but they are going to likely have to severely overpay some of the players that they end up signing.

When it’s all said and done, the Sixers could end up holding some of the worst contracts in the league. They are legitimately going to have to sign guys who deserve around the league minimum to $3 million deals if they want to get above the floor.

The good news for the Sixers is that they can really sign whoever they want. Philly could bring in the best basketball player in the world right now and still probably wouldn’t be a playoff team. It shouldn’t be an issue getting over the floor, but it should be entertaining in a morbid, tanking-is-fun way.

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