Boston Celtics 2013 Player Profile: Jordan Crawford

By Sean McKenney
Jordan Crawford
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

When Jordan Crawford was traded to the Boston Celtics last February, he was simply known as the guy that dunked on LeBron James at his own skills academy that one time.

Since then, Crawford has become known for a lot more than that to Celtics fans. Easily one of the most polarizing players on the team, Crawford’s game is odd to watch and it seems as though every move he makes while holding a basketball is going nowhere. This thought precedes him draining a three, splashing a wild floater or miraculously getting to the rim. Crawford’s game is unlike any other in the league and despite its herky-jerky style, has gotten him far in his collegiate career and at least kept him around in an NBA setting.

While far from a great defender, Crawford has proven on a number occasions he can score when he has to. His speed and overall athleticism can be tough to refine into All-Star NBA skill, but overall does lead to some big plays and flashes of brilliance down the stretch of the season.

Aside from providing all of the “Nonononono Yes!” moments on the court, Crawford’s immaturity has been listed as one of the reasons he could be the first to go on the Celtics. However, the occasional off-putting comment is far from the biggest reason the young guard could be on the way out. Don’t get me wrong, Crawford is by no means a bad player and definitely has a space in the league. However, it might not be in a Celtics uniform.

Oddly enough, the Celtics are experiencing a bit of a logjam at the shooting guard position. Aside from Crawford, Boston also has to effectively place Avery BradleyCourtney LeePhil PresseyMarshon Brooks and Keith Bogans. So at this stage in Crawford’s career, he might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If Crawford stays in Boston, great! While his defense could use work, an extra 10 or 15 points off the bench could do the Celtics a lot of good. Regardless what happens to Crawford, he unquestionably has a niche in the NBA. Look for him to keep quietly improving in the coming year.

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