Lamar Odom Saga Will Affect Los Angeles Clippers Regardless Of Outcome

By christopherbrown
Lamar Odom
Jayne – Kamin – Oncea USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Odom is a free agent. He’s not in contract negotiation. He is jobless and has done plenty in the past two years to be forgotten.

Fortunately for 29 teams in the NBA, Odom proved to be what Wall Street calls a “bear trap”;  a promising asset turned liability before the market opens. Except the Los Angles Clippers. They still need a big man that can score, make free throws and defend. Odom is all that and more. He can play multiple positions, is a good teammate and for now, he has a championship ring.

Salary cap restrictions makes Odom a viable option for the Clippers despite his troubles. Or, they can settle for a cheap insurance policy that will likely be glued to the end of the bench. They can also do nothing, and regret it when the Memphis Grizzlies or Indiana Pacers come to town.

The Clippers should sign Odom to the league veteran minimum. Why not?

Give him to the All-Star break to realize there’s no greater high than playing the game he’s loved since he could walk. Provide him with any and all resource available to support him in recovery. A healthy Odom is a defensive nightmare to opposing teams, and one of the most beloved locker room guys in the league.

If Odom find his way, the Clippers have addressed an issue far greater than defending the Grizzlies Zach Randolph — they supported a teammate in need, while making a contribution towards battling mental illness. If  it fails, the Clippers spent a million attempting to save a man’s life — also not a bad investment.

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