David Stern is Foolish to Try and Calm Knicks/Nets Rivalry

By Andrew Fisher
David Stern
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It looks like David Stern is going to make the most of his last year in the NBA, and by ‘make the most of’ I mean, continue to anger basketball fans across America. The Commissioner apparently called a meeting recently between owners James Dolan (New York Knicksand Mikhail Prokhorov (Brooklyn Nets). It was said to be a sit down meeting between the two owners to help slow down the building feud between the two teams.

Reports suggest that the meeting went very smoothly and that both sides were very ‘cordial.’ Well, that’s all fine and dandy that the meeting went well – but really, David Stern? Who likes a friendly rivalry? So what if things were starting to get a little ugly between the two sides, that’s what makes sports great.

Rivalries are at their best when the two teams cannot stand each other. I know it’s 2013 where everybody’s a winner and sportsmanship rules, but the heck with that. The Knicks and Nets should continue to hate on each other as they fight for the title of New York’s team. That team is clearly the Knicks right now and it’s great that the new-look Nets want to change that. That’s what competition is all about.

Stern calling for these teams to play fair is just another move in a long list of questionable calls from the long-time Commissioner. I get where his head is at, I even respect it, but it’s not what true fans want to see. Give me banter back and forth, give me teams that hate each others’ guts. Playing nice… is for the birds.



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