John Wall Will Set Up Plenty Of Open Corner Threes for Washington Wizards Next Season

By Dave Daniels
Debby Wong- USA TODAY Sports

Point guard John Wall’s injury put a pretty solemn note on the beginning of last season for Washingtonians. The team was basically built around Wall, so it is no surprise that the Washington Wizards struggled last season without him. When he was back in the lineup though the Wizards were a playoff team if you go by winning percentage.

Obviously you are hoping that players like Nene can stay healthy as well as Wall, but you just have to leave that one up to faith. It will also be interesting to see if any of the new additions can contribute at a high level. Also, check out the tweet above to see how Wall helped the Wizards get corner threes. Those are the most efficient shots in the game, and with the further development of Bradley Beal it will be a key component of the Wizards offense going forward. The development of chemistry between Wall and Beal will be terribly important, because if successful then they will be the future of the team.

Wall recently signed a max contract extension so the pressure will be on to get the Wiz to the playoffs for the first time in years. Believe the last time they got to the playoffs Gilbert Arenas was still in town, and we all know how that horrible saga ended. Hopefully Wall can prove to be a more mature leader than Arenas proved to be.

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