Portland Trail Blazers Intriguing Young Talent Will Land Them In Playoffs

By Dave Daniels
Jaime Valdez- USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers are kind of loaded with young talent and it should be fun to watch how they compete next season. People are sleeping on C.J. McCullom. It seems like only the hardcore basketball people know about this kid, but he is basically Damian Lillard 2.0. The two of them will have no trouble sharing guard duty next season, because they are both flexible enough to play on or off ball. They are both excellent perimeter shooters as well, which helps them spread out the floor for their drive to the basket.

The apparent displeasure of LaMarcus Aldridge is strange news and something to keep an eye on as well. It appears Aldridge may be on the way out though. He could play this full season for the Blazers, but it may be over after that. The timing of Aldridge kind of burning this bridge is pretty strange, so this will be an interesting tangent to keep track of as it develops.

Regardless, the quality quardplay of the Blazers to goes along with with the three point shooting and defense of Nicholas Batum. This is going to be great season, and something tells me the Blazers are going to be able to put enough of a run together to slip into the eighth seed of the playoffs.

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