Utah Jazz: Who Will Be Team’s Number One Scorer in 2013?

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The Utah Jazz look to dip into the fountain of youth in the upcoming 2013 campaign. After losing two of their main veterans to free agency in Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap, Utah is starting almost fresh with their starting five heading into the next season.

After drafting point guard Trey Burke, former starter Mo Williams took off into free agency and wound up with the Portland Trail Blazers, leaving Burke as the lone guy for the starting job. Alec Burks will likely get the start at two guard with Gordon Hayward joining him on the wing.

Down low, the Jazz have a very promising and young front court tandem that they like very much. Big men Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter will jump into the starting roles in the paint and look to lift the Jazz to new heights.

With all of the changes in Utah, who will step up and be the main contributor offensively? It’s a great question, actually. Will it be Hayward, who continues to shoot well throughout his young career but has trouble sometimes creating for himself? Will it be the rookie in Burke who somehow shocks us all and takes the league by storm?

I don’t think either will wind up happening. I, like the organization, believe the interior scoring will drive the team to any success they have in 2013. Favors had come on strong last season when he received more minutes, and I absolutely believe he will take on the responsibility of the go-to guy on offense.

With such athleticism and efficiency scoring the basketball in a variety of ways, Favors should be the likely candidate to lead the team in scoring. I would even go so far as to say that he may even have a shot at an All-Star bid this year. It will be fun for Jazz fans to watch how Favors continues to blossom into a rising star in this league as he gets a shot to be the face of the franchise starting this season.

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  • Grant Oxenrider

    I gotta disagree. I think kanter or Hayward will be high scorers. Kanter is much better offensively than favors. Alec burka may surprise us if he is given a green light.

    • IDJazzman

      Grant, I see things like you. So far Favors has not shown the shooting ability or even close to what Hayward or Kanter has or even Burks for that matter. Favors gets most of his points from offensive rebounds or being fed for the easy two from assists. Favors badly needs a couple of go-to-moves, which since the end of last season he did not have. Now Kanter, he can shoot the ball from any where on the court, even 3 point land, but because Hayward will be the play maker on the team and will have the ball a lot, I would have to predict that Hayward will have the highest scoring average this year. On this team, this year I also predict that any of the core 4 players has the ability to be the high scorer on any given night and possibly on some nights we might see Brandon Rush getting the honors?? Now if we are talking defensive stops, Favors will lead the pack!

      • Grant Oxenrider

        I see Hayward at about 18-20 ppg, as i also think he is gonna be handling the ball alot! kanter 15 ppg, burks 12-14p pg, favors 10-12ppg (11-12 reb, 2.5 blks) and burke at 10ppg. . Although i would not be surprised to see rush start over burks( given corbins dumb mentality).

        Yes Favors hopefully will do what jefferson couldnt, clog the lane! Im excited to see kanter also, he plays solid defense, and is gonna be a dangerous shooter, he is gonna help draw defenders from inside and give some burke to favors opportunitys (stockton to malone / Burke to Favors?)hmm?Depending on if favors can develop a nice go to move (with the help of the mailman).

        I really think this squad should be a solid defensive team when its all said and done.

        I think this team will start out slow but really race for the playoffs down the stretch. playoffs are all dependent upon how quick these guys begin to break out. I do worry about hayward at the begining because he seems to be timid during the first half the season, but that all may change this year with his role expanding and becoming the focal pt of the offense.

        I think trey burke will be the deciding factor. The season really depends on his abilty to adapt to the NBA. I personally think he cant do any worse than tinsley and watson did last year. I think its gonna be rough for a bit, but if the fans can give him constructive criticism and stand behind him, root for him and believe in him he will gain the confidence he needs. I am not concerned with his Summer League play as that is mostly just a series of pick up games designed for individual players not for team players, which i believe trey burke is a team player. Tinsley and watson, or burkes. Ill take my chances with trey!

        • IDJazzman

          Damn Grant!!:-)))) I am impressed with your analysis. That is pretty much my thinking as you stated. We are either both wrong or both right!:-) I kind of think that this year we will see Gordon come into full NBA maturity, meaning I think he will be just fine starting and will be more consistent. There is a really good chance that Gordon could squeak into the All-Star line up this year.
          However, on Trey Burke I am probably worrying more than you and it wasn’t because of just the summer league performance. We must remember that most of the teams that picked before #9 had Burke in their try outs and they all passed on him?? I was really disappointed that the Jazz didn’t stay where they were at in the draft and had went with Dennis Schroeder. I have been wrong before and I really hope I am wrong here!
          Studying Trey’s combine numbers, I do have high hopes for him. His measurements physically and athletically compare closely to Chris Paul’s. He might not be Chris Paul, but he might be close??
          Trey also has a great BB IQ!
          Question, do you blog on the Trib?

          • Grant Oxenrider

            I was actually not expecting burke, I was blown away. I was hoping for shane larkin, he is a pick roll specialist and i think he could have been a fine pg, no superstar but a good solid pg in the long run.

            On burke Well look at it this way, 8 teams passed on trey. actually 9 counting twolves. PG’s on the teams that passed on burke…. cavaliers=irving, Magic=nelson, wiz=wall,, bobcats, kemba, nola= vasquez.(holliday now…), suns=dragic.kings = evans, jimmer, thomas etc etc lol, pistons=knight, (turned into jennings)wolves rubio. so none of those teams really needed a pg, they had other positions to address first. Burke is not a guy that any of those team really needed. they may just not have seen immediate superstar potential in him that they really wanted to gamble on him. Trey burke is gonna be a solid pg in the league, if he can post 12 and 7 year in and year out that would be a solid pg. he may not ever live up to chris paul, john stockton, jason kid, steve nash, but there isn no reason he cant be a solid starting pg for years to come. Look at all the championship teams, how many of them actually had a superstar pg? all had solid pg’s but the superstar is usually a wing player not always…. think about it.(bulls jordan, heat, lebron, lakers kobe, mavs, dirk, spurs duncan, celts, pierce and garnett. etc etc etc.) if burke can adapt he will be a pg that can lead a team to a title. he doesnt have to be the main guy, he has to feed the main guy the ball. if jazz can retain this starting lineup next year add a really solid player in the draft, get a couple solid bench players, within the next 2-3 years they could be title contenders. think about favors, kanter with a whole season startin, how much they should grow, they are already rebounding monsters and favors is a great defender, kanter solid. that front court duo is better than most teams front court already and they were bench guys. hayward should be a great clutch goto guy,( like paul george was for pacers this year). alec can be awesome in crunch time as he is amazing at drawing fouls, and the wild card trey burke after a whole year of being the starter he will (should)grow tremendously. brandon rush coming off the bench in crunch time for some solid d and 3 pt shooting. Gobert developing into a decent lane clogging backup( i mean my goodness he is like a 747 standing in the lane with that wingspan0., evans decent back up MAYBE, add a couple more solid bench players to deepen the bench into a solid bench, and did i mention the possibility of neto backing up burke? im not worried im excited to watch this team over the next couple years. Burke will be fine, he is the college POY even over marcus smart, and several other very solid players. he played in a tough division and agasint good and great competion, he is confident, and is a great player, he will be fine. I think at worst he will be a good back up pg in the league, he will not completly bust like jonnny flynn etc. Jazz will be deep playoff team by 2015 in my opinion. if the fab five sticks together. i honestly cant see this team being as bad as predictions are giving them if they stay healthy and burke can learn quick. they may be a scary team down the stretch. they have so much potential, they may very well shock a lot of people. Corbin is the other wild card i dont have much confidence in him. but seein how he has no vets that should be starting over the more talented players like last year im excited. i cant wait to see if these guys break out, the thing is the jazz have 5 guys that could explode into big time players. iwe already know the core 4 is a solid bunch of guys we seen them dig from deficits last year and shut down big time players multiple times. if the fab five starts everyone of the positions is as good or better than the other guys. jefferson replaced by fav or kanter. millsap, fav or kanter. right there is a huge boost in defense did i sayHUGE boost! . Marvin replaced by hayward, burks replaced by no d foye sho should have never started for any team just a great 3 shooter when u need some quick buckets), and burke, replacing tinsley and watson., and the never healthy, poor shot selection shooter MO….need i say anymore! the bench is the weak link but how weak are they really? first off the fab five are young and can play lots of mins! so bench is limited time anyway. im not worried about the bench at all really. they can hold their own for 10-12 mins a night i believe.
            we will do better than expected this year!!

          • IDJazzman

            I think Larkin will be a very good PG, also. We will see which has the best NBA career, your Larkin or mine, Schroeder. With that said, I really hope Burke puts them both to shame! Again, I see it like you do, Burke doesn’t need to be a superstar, just solid. With that said, lets discuss this superstar thought. I think you are correct that maybe more NBA championships have been won with the superstars being wing players, but I have never thought of PFs being wing players(Nowitzki, Duncan). LeBron, well he is the superstar in any position he plays and he plays them all. A true superstar among the superstars. You cannot forget that most, if not all these teams had a tandem of some sort. Two superstars with a really good team or maybe, one superstar with several well above average role players. Again, same as you, I see the team doing better this year than most people think. I have mixed emotions with this. Next years draft has everyone of the top 5 being a possible superstar. One of those guys could be the missing piece that the Jazz need to put them over the top. If the Jazz only win, say 25 games then it says our young core may not be as good as we think. If they win 40-45 games we are back to mediocrity in the draft picks and Corbin gets coach of the year!(Barf) I suppose that a couple of the core 5 could raise to superstar caliber, but I have real doubts. I think the Jazz have a couple of borderline All Stars(Hayward being one of them) and the other 3 being well above average role players. I think they need one of the top 5 picks in next year’s draft.
            Now the sleeper player I am watching this year is Ian! We already know Corbin probably won’t give him a chance, but I think there is a possibility that he could be a really, really good backup PG. He is working on it. Enjoyed your comments.