5 Highest-Priced Chicago Bulls Home Games for the 2013-14 Season

By Greg Cohen
Derrick Rose Bulls MVP
Tim Fuller – USA Today Sports Images

It’s been 99 games since Derrick Rose last suited up with his teammates. With the start of the 2013-14 season looming and Rose set to return to the court, Chicago Bulls tickets are already seeing a significant jump in price. The average price of a Bulls ticket last year was $187, whereas tickets are already seeing a 33% spike in price this season with the home average ticket price currently sitting at $249. The Rose Effect is real.

Take a look at the five highest-priced Bulls tickets below:

1.)   December 5th – Miami Heat – Average Price: $411 – Get-in Price: $133

This early season matchup brings LeBron James and the back-to-back defending champion Heat to the United Center.  The Rose-less Bulls squared off against the Heat in the second round of last year’s playoffs, but injuries left Chicago without even a puncher’s chance. With a healthy Rose, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah, Miami will face much stiffer competition this time around. This potential Eastern Conference Finals preview already has ticket prices listed at 65% higher than the home average for the Bulls. The cheapest price to get in the door sits at $133.

2.)   March 9th – Heat – Average Price: $382 – Get-in Price: $104

Prices are slightly lower for the return trip for the Miami Heat, though not by much. The average ticket price for this Sunday matinee is currently $382, a 53% rise over the season average for a home Bulls ticket.  With James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade all eligible to opt out of their contracts at the end of the season, this could be the last chance that Chicago gets to see the “big three” in their current form. Fans can find tickets as low as $104 (hint hint, this is a great Christmas present!).

3.)   October 31st – New York Knicks – Average Price: $329 – Get-in Price: $89

The Bulls open their home season in a prime time featured matchup against Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks. Fans will get to see Rose play in his first meaningful game since tearing his ACL over 18 months earlier. The Knicks are always a big draw on the road, but with ‘Melo returning the team to relevance, bandwagon New Yorkers are back in full force – driving ticket prices up along with it. The Bulls home opener is already seeing ticket prices at an average of $329, a 32% rise from the average home price. The current “get-in price” to see the Knicks live in Chicago is $89.

4.)   March 13th – Houston Rockets – Average Price: $325 – Get-in Price: $80

Fans eager to watch the explosive offense and expected Western Conference power Rockets are finding that demand is exceeding supply. Dwight Howard, James Harden, Jeremy Lin and the new-look Rockets will visit Chicago just one time this season. Ticket prices for the late season matchup are sitting at a price point that is 31% above the home average, at $325 for the average ticket. Fans can euro-step their way into the building for a “get-in price” of $80.

5.)   January 24th – Los Angeles Clippers – Average Price: $320 – Get-in Price: $64

Lob City! Something tells me that Noah and Carlos Boozer will have something to say about Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan trying to throw down ferocious alley-oops on their home court.  As much as the Bulls’ frontcourt may not like it, fans still want to see Lob City in action. The average home ticket price for Chris Paul’s only visit to Chicago is sitting at 29% above the average home ticket price, at $320. This Friday night matchup will be featured nationwide on ESPN and fans can find a “get-in price” of just $64.

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