Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Mike Budenholzer Says He Was Not Drunk, Fighting DUI Charge

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Budenholzer
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

By now most NBA fans know the story: Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer was arrested on Wednesday night on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol. A Georgia State Trooper pulled the coach over for having a broken taillight and smelled alcohol on his breath during the stop. TMZ has now obtained the incident report, which states that Budenholzer agreed to all field sobriety tests, with the exception of the good old breathalyzer.

The report also states that the coach did not perform well during his sobriety tests and that he only admitted to having one glass of wine to the officer.

The plot starts to thicken, though, after he was released from jail. Budenholzer apparently went straight from the slammer to a local hospital, where he took a test that showed his blood/alcohol level to be only .01. Genius idea? Not so much, as the test was performed 5 hours after the arrest. Anyone who’s ever been out for a night of drinking knows that if you have a BAC of .01 at 3:45 in the morning, that five hours earlier, you were probably well over the legal limit of .08.

While times vary from person to person, the general rule is that it takes your body one hour to process one drink. So in theory, if you drank one beer per hour for five hours, your BAC would be close to 0.0.

But hey, this is America and Budenholzer is somewhat of a public figure who has money. My guess is that he gets out of this to an extent. He’ll probably end up with a plea deal where he gets the charge reduced to careless driving or something similar.

Note to Mike Budenholzer: YOU CAN AFFORD A CAB.


Mike Budenholzer Arrested on DUI Charge


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