Could Lamar Odom Be Returning To The Los Angeles Lakers?

By Nugesse Ghebrendrias
Kelvin Kuo- USA TODAY Sports

With reports of Lamar Odom missing due to frequent drug use, the Los Angeles Lakers have reached out to Odom. The Buss family has reportedly offered Odom a lifeline in order to get his life and career back on track. Could this mean Odom is coming back?

“The Lakers are a family and even though Lamar isn’t currently on their roster, that doesn’t matter, he’s a two-time championship Laker,” the insider said.

If the rumors are true and Odom can go through treatment successfully, the Lakers will keep a spot open for Odom. Mitch Kupchak has had frequent conversations to Odom’s agent about the deal. For Odom, this could be the help that he really needs. He still wants to be a Laker and he will also get the help he needs with his drug addiction.

Lamar needs to go to rehab and he’s been told by the team that if he goes and completes treatment, there’ll be a spot for him.”

He is reportedly suffering form an addiction to Oxycontin. Over the past year Odom has been drug tested six times by the NBA and each time the drug has come up. However, Odom has a prescription for this drug which is why the NBA couldn’t do anything about it. When Odom was reportedly missing, rumors are swirling that there was an intervention in a Los Angeles hotel. Odom’s teammates from both the Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers were in attendance.

With the media constantly looking for a story, Odom needs to be in a place where he feels most comfortable. This is exactly why the Buss family have reached out to Odom. With former teammates Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol still part of the team, Odom will have a healthy atmosphere while working through some of his problems. If Odom does indeed accept this deal offered to him, expect Odom to be with the Lakers at some point this season.


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