Expectations for Ben Gordon in Second Season with Charlotte Bobcats

By danielcarney
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Ben Gordon is a name that NBA fans often can remember greatly but actually have completely forgotten what he has done in his entire career. Now no disrespect to Mr. Gordon here, but it is true; the Ben Gordon we see playing today for the Charlotte Bobcats is not even close to as good as the one we saw play for the Chicago Bulls from 2004-2009 and the Detroit Pistons from 2009-2012.

It’s 2013 and Gordon is now entering his second season in a Bobcats uniform. But what happened to the old Gordon we used to know? It seems like an eternity ago when we saw Gordon average 15+ points a game every night (averaged 15+ points a game from 2004-2009) and actually be one of the most important and consistent players on the court for a team. The reason we are getting into Gordon’s sort of “downfall” is because his first season in a Bobcats uniform was nothing but mediocre.

The former NBA sixth-man of the year notched a career low in just about every single statistic in his first season with Charlotte. Minutes, field-goal percentage, steals, rebounds, assists, three-point percentage, you name it! They were all career lows (except for blocks and tied for lowest points average in his career with 11.2 a game)! It’s not just the decline in Gordon’s statistics that made his first season as a Bobcat mediocre, but his lack of consistency also led to the mediocrity. Gordon was very streaky, often putting up high point totals one night and then the next night shooting poorly and only scoring somewhere in the  4-6 point range.

Now you can put up an argument that he is not getting as many minutes as he used to with other teams, but come on; anyone who goes from a .442 field-goal percentage to a .408 field-goal percentage in one season is really not doing so well. Please tell me that is not mediocre! Anyone who goes from a three-point percentage of .429 to .387 in one season? Please tell me that is not mediocre!

So I rest my case there. Ben Gordon’s first season in Charlotte was not pretty, but the upcoming 2013-2014 NBA season is a year for Gordon to fix his woes on the court in the past year.

So what is expected of the former 3rd pick this season in Charlotte? Consistency off the bench and quality minutes come first in my mind. Gordon will be backing up starting shooting guard Gerald Henderson, and the Bobcats will need a lot of good minutes out of Gordon considering the team only has two shooting guards signed to the 15 man roster. I definitely see an increase in minutes for Gordon this season. Last year he averaged just about 20 minutes per game, and I think they will need to rely on him more this season considering the amount of shooting guards the team has.

Is this season the one were we all see the return of the once dominant Ben Gordon? Does he make a turnaround this year? This upcoming season has many questions for the Bobcats, but one question that should be at the top of that list is how much can Ben Gordon play into the success of this young and promising team? Improvement is coming folks, and Ben Gordon is going to bring it to you this season Charlotte.

Daniel Carney covers the Charlotte Bobcats for rantsports.com. You can follow him on twitter @dan_jcarney and on Google.

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