Indiana Pacers' Voluntary Camp in L.A. Was A Great Idea

By Dylan Hughes
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason, Coach Frank Vogel decided to have a voluntary team camp out in California at the Los Angeles Clippers‘ practice facility. Vogel said he saw good things from the team during the camp, according to

“It was really good. We had eight guys out there. … It’s always important that these guys are playing enough, not just working on their individual skills but getting to play some games as well.”

This seems to be a great idea to me. You get a little vacation out in beautiful California, get to have some bonding time during the offseason with your teammates, and also get to improve and build some chemistry with those teammates. The Indiana Pacers seem to have been working extra hard this summer to try and make an NBA Finals appearance after what would be a 14-year absence.

The players that seem to be working the hardest are Roy Hibbert, who has put on a bunch of muscle weight, Paul George, who has also put on some muscle weight and is working on his shot, and Danny Granger, who is trying to get back to full form after sitting out for all but five games last season due to a knee injury.

Indiana will be a tough team for years to come, and if they continue to do things like these camps across the country, they could have just found a new way to be productive and have some fun at the same time.

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