Kevin Durant Will Have Monstrous 2013 Season

By Jared Porter
Kevin Durant vs. Grizzlies
Jerome Miron-USA Today Sports

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is on par to have one of the most explosive offensive seasons in NBA history. Durant is already known as a scoring juggernaut, but the main question is how far will he take his game in the upcoming 2013 season?

Let’s take a look at Durant’s offensive progress the past several years.

’09-’10 season: 30.1 points per game, 47 percent shooting, scoring champion.

’10-’11 season: 27.7 points per game, 46 percent shooting, scoring champion.

’11-’12 season: 28 points per game, 49 percent shooting, scoring champion. 

’12-’13 season: 28.1 points per game, 51 percent shooting, scoring champion runner-up, member of 50-40-90 club.

Last season was by far his most impressive by becoming a member of the prestigious 50-40-90 club, which includes players that shoot 50 percent from the field, 40 percent from three-point land and 90 percent from the charity stripe.

The thing that is most impressive about Durant is his willingness to work during the offseason to improve certain aspects of his game. In ’09, it was his rebounding, in ’10 it was his turnovers, in ’11 it was his Dirk patented fadeaway and last season it was his assists.

Durant is one of the rare players that has limitless opportunity to his game. Year by year, it is hard for people to imagine Durant improving his repertoire, but he still exceeds everyone’s expectations.

This season will be no different. He is undoubtedly working on his offense this offseason and his play this year will continue to amaze. With the departure of Kevin Martin, Durant will have no other choice but to carry more offensive weight on his shoulders, which is never a bad thing when it comes to Durant.

Any team that has a Durant-esque player on the court will be exceptional, but Durant wants more than that. He wants it all. He wants to go down in history as the best, and he will do whatever is necessary to accomplish just that.

The rest of the league should be shaking in fear, because Durant will be hungry. He was quoted last year by Sports Illustrated saying, “I’m tired of being second…” Will this be the year Kevin Durant catches that elusive NBA championship?

The odds are in his favor.

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