Increased Ticket Sales Shows City Finally Getting Behind Indiana Pacers

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Indiana Pacers announced their season-ticket sales were up 30 percent from last season. They aren’t allowed to release the amount of season-tickets but said the 11-game ticket packages and other different ticket packages sales were up from last season. With more tickets sold, the team says there are about 1,200 new ticket holders. This is not only big for Indiana’s front office, but it shows the team they have much more support from the city that they have not been getting in past seasons.

Before now, it seemed no matter how well the Pacers did, they just weren’t selling tickets. It seemed the fans coincidentally started showing up to games when the team was physically in the playoffs. Well, after falling one game short of the NBA Finals last season, it seems the team has much more support.

There was a particular instance last season when the Pacers hosted the Los Angeles Lakers when the Lakers did something well, it seemed as though there were more cheers than boos. Point guard George Hillcalled out the fans to get out and support the team because to have so many people cheering for the opposing team is just embarrassing.

This team is really strong and could potentially make another big run next season, so they definitely deserve the support they are finally getting from the fans.

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  • Rob Stuart

    Hey people of Indianapolis, you better get out and support your team.
    This is your team, this is your city that they are carrying. You should show them your love and support. They are not only playing for themselves but for the whole of your city.
    You know there are tons of Pacers fans but not within your city but would like to give our all out support to this team. So it’s not so understandable why the locals of this city can’t do the same. But i’m sure they will. In fact it should be a lot more of their showing before the rest of the world.
    Fans from different cities and countries are mighty proud of your team the INDIANA PACERS!!!
    We have confidence, and believed this team will be a great team if not yet!
    We know how talented they are, plus the efforts and attitude of each individual, trying to get better and be best to be able to achieve the ultimate goal of winning a championship.
    It’s for everybody’s pride and honor!
    Though, win or loose we are always to support Indy.
    Time will come Indy is going to be on top of everyone else, we see that coming and you better watch out!!!

  • Mark Scott

    This team is on the verge of becoming the next powerhouse team. It’s worth the support and adulation!

  • Stefan Keasche

    It’s about time you care about your team and your city. They have been doing well and on their way to greatness. Be proud

  • ALS Cel

    This team has the heart of a champion. We can only get too excited in anticipation of great things to come with this talented squad. Because of determination, perseverance and hardwork, they will surely be rewarded with such great accomplishments in the years to come. GO PACERS!!!