Brooklyn Nets Should Be Concerned With Indiana Pacers' Depth

By Mike B. Ruiz
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Since the Brooklyn Nets decided they’re going all in for the 2013-14 season, a large talking point concerning their new and improved roster has been related to how it stacks up against the two-time defending champion Miami Heat.

And that discussion is obviously a reasonable one to have. Brooklyn has to be prepared to meet Miami in the postseason if they want to dethrone them.

But what about the hungry – and expected to be even hungrier after last season’s Game 7 Eastern Conference finals rout at the hands of the Heat – bunch that the Indiana Pacers will throw out there every night?

Who poses more problems for the Nets?

As far as style of play is concerned, it’s still the Heat. Their ability to run in the open floor with their supreme athletes and have LeBron James/Dwyane Wade take over the game at any given moment makes them a nightmare to gameplan against.

But when it strictly comes down to matchups and depth, it’s the Pacers who possess more. Paul George had a huge coming out party in last year’s playoffs, waking up spectators like they just heard a cannon fire off at five in the morning.

David West and Roy Hibbert have the ability to dominate games from the inside when they really put their minds to it, and George Hill and Lance Stephenson have quality talent and are only improving.

You also can’t forget that Danny Granger, who had been Indiana’s best player for so long, should be back this upcoming season, and he doesn’t need to be his old self in order to have an impact because of all the pieces surrounding him.

Indiana also added C.J. WatsonChris Copeland and Luis Scola this offseason, who are all quality players that will be very impactful coming off the bench.

Miami doesn’t have that sort of depth from top to bottom. The Nets will have to figure out the differences between the two in order to be successful against both.

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