Denver Nuggets 2013 Player Profile: Kenneth Faried

By Robert Lin
Kenneth Faried
Isaiah Downing – USA TODAY Sports

Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried, now entering his third year with the team, is a hustle player. That’s why he is nicknamed “The Manimal.” He is reminiscent of a bygone era, where power forwards actually bang down low and seek to grab every single rebound rather than shoot outside jumpers. He compares favorably well to Charles BarkleyCharles OakleyBen WallaceDennis RodmanJerome Williams and Reggie Evans, just to name a few. Last season, he averaged 11.5 points per game, shot 55% from the field, made 61% of his free throws, one block and one steal while playing about 28 minutes per game. If his stats were adjusted to 48 minutes, it would look like this:

Points    DReb   OReb    Reb    Blocks    Steal    WP48

19.7        10.1      5.6         15.7    1.8          1.7       0.228

WP48 stands for “wins produced per 48 minutes”. It is a metric designed to calculate how a player’s individual contributions leads to winning games that was developed by David BerryMartin Schmidt and Stacey Brook. Wins Produced tallies a player’s shooting efficiency (field goal and free throw), possession factors (rebounds, steals, turnovers) and team factors (assists, blocks and personal fouls). The average score is 0.100. WP > 0.175 means a “star” player, while WP > 0.225 means a “superstar” player. For comparison sake, Joakim Noah‘s WP48 is 0.225, Tim Duncan‘s is 0.230, Serge Ibaka‘s is 0.222 and Blake Griffin‘s is 0.178. That means Faried has superstar written on him provided he is in the right system.

Faried is not a scoring machine; most of his baskets come from putbacks. He is a great rebounder and workhorse though. NBA scouts originally believed his college stats do not translate over to the league well because he played in a small conference. Well, so far he has shown that he is still an elite rebounder. The Nuggets might have won more games if then Coach George Karl played him more.

The Nuggets suffered a huge blow when Andre Iguodala decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors. But this could be a blessing in disguise. Faried will now have more minutes to prove that he is the MVP on the team.

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