Gordon Hayward's Team USA Performance This Summer Great Sign For Utah Jazz

By Dave Daniels
Stephen R. Sylvanie- USA TODAY Sports

Gordon Hayward is slowly developing into a player you can count on. If he can continue to stay healthy while developing more range, then we could be looking at a young superstar in the making. His college career was thrilling to watch, and he can now welcome his former coach to the pros. It will probably be a bit odd at first for Bradley Stevens to scout how to stop his old player, but something tells me the competitive spirit will take hold. It always does with the true professionals.

Hayward will be hard pressed to get onto the U.S. Olympic team, but I could see him making the World Cup squad and getting some minutes off the bench. If he can do that and produce, then maybe there will be even more international play for him in the future. In the meantime, we will see what Hayward can make happen next season. If his play this summer is any indiciation, then we are in for a show.

Hayward will have an increased role next season, so we will see if the added responsibility makes him thrive or causes him to sink. Do not think he will lead the team in scoring next season, but if he does rise to the occasion then we could be in store for a special season.

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