Indiana Pacers: Will Luis Scola Help Take Some Pressure off of David West This Season?

By Dylan Hughes
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers made a splash in free agency this season, adding three main pieces to majorly improve their bench. One of those pieces was Luis Scola. Will the addition of Scola take some of the pressure off of David West to put up big numbers every night?

There were many instances last season (especially at the beginning when the team was off to a slow start) where West was forced to put the team on his back and literally carry them to the win.

The team just didn’t have much chemistry with some new additions and no Danny Granger. West had to score more than 20 points a lot of games, do a lot of tiring post work, and get the ball in game-winning situations just to squeak these games out. After a full season being relied on in these types of games, it can be quite the mental and physical wear, especially at West’s age.

Tyler Hansbrough just couldn’t help West out very much, meaning more minutes for the veteran on the court. Now that Hansbrough is out and Scola is in, things might change a little. Scola is a much better player than Hansbrough overall and is a reliable veteran. With him on the team, he can give some support to West when he needs it, and can take a few of his minutes away if he’s getting worn out.

I don’t think West will need to carry the team this season anyway, with Roy Hibbert on his game along with Paul George and Granger returning.

The Pacers will have a very good season with Scola and the other additions on the bench. As far as West, I’m sure he will be able to play more comfortably as he has some support around him to help win the close games.

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