Orlando Magic's Victor Oladipo Holds Own Against Kevin Durant at Roundball Classic

By Dave Daniels
Victor Oladipo
Douglas Jones- USA TODAY Sports

Recently saw the highlight below, and it appears that Victor Oladipo can hold his own against some of the best in the league which should not surprise many. That one steal was pretty legit, but Kevin Durant is still a better player do not get me wrong. The fact that Oladipo was not intimadated is almost half the battle in my mind. Of course, Oladipo’s game has not reached the level of Durant but all this tells us is that Oladipo will not be in awe of Durant when they one day take the court together officially. That day is coming closer every day, and it will become a reality shortly.

Oladipo is my pick for rookie of the year, but mainly because there are no clear cut candidates. I know that Oladipo will start while putting up excellent defensive numbers to go along with surprising numbers on offense. Do not expect him to be an All Star from the offensive end, but his defensive impact will be felt right away and it is one of the main reasons that I like him for rookie of the year. It will take some good fortune as far as health goes, but Oladipo is a hard worker. And sometimes when you work hard enough opportunities present themselves to you. Oladipo still has a long way to go, but if he ever matches up with Durant in the future it will be exciting to watch.

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