Washington Wizards Point Guard John Wall Tweets Picture With Rachel Robinson, Wife of Jackie Robinson

By Dave Daniels
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Recently saw the tweet below and point guard John Wall was lucky enough to take a picture with Rachel Robinson, wife of former baseball player Jackie Robinson. Much thanks to Wall for tweeting this, and congratulations to him for an eventful summer. You can check out Wall’s tweet below, and it is a pretty nice picture and the sense of sports history is pretty profound.

Rachel was the wife of Jackie Robinson while he was alive, and she has helped to carry on her husband’s legacy after his time ended. Wall recently signed a max extension with the Washington Wizards, so basketball fans in that city are quite pleased to have a superstar locked up for the foreseeable future. The expectations for the Wizards next season are to go to the playoffs and they should be considering the roster talent. How far they can go if they do get there is up for discussion, but the East is going to be tough in the playoffs next season so they will be lucky enough to slip into the sixth seed.

This team is built around Wall, so the young point guard is going to have to be the leader of this young team. Still kind of reeling as a Wizards fan that we shut down trade talks for James Harden, but here is hoping that Bradley Beal can develop into a better Ray Allen.

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