Miami Heat 2013 Player Profile: James Jones

By Jared Doyle
James Jones
Robert Mayer-USA Today Sports

With Mike Miller being waived via the Amnesty Provision by the Miami Heat in July, there has never been a more important season for James Jones to prove his worth. Since his arrival in Miami, Jones hasn’t really found a solid role in the secondary unit. The most minutes he averaged with the Heat was during the 2010 season, where he barely averaged over six points per game.

Where Jones truly thrives is the three-point line. It’s no coincidence that his highest three point shooting percentage was during his tenure in Portland, when he averaged around 22 minutes a game. During last season, Jones only played an average of 5.8 minutes per game (the second lowest of his career), and guess what? He averaged the second lowest three-point shooting percentage of his career. Jones will play at his peak when he is averaging more than a measly six minutes a game.

Heading into the 2013-14 season, barring the signing of an additional small forward, Jones will receive more playing time from Erik Spoelstra. Jones will be on the floor for one reason, to make open three point shots. Having a plethora of three point shooters is what makes the Heat such a threat. Jones will have to bring his three point shooting percentage above last years thirty percent. If he can shoot near his career average of 40, he will receive consistent playing time all season long.

There is a reason the Heat clamored for Jones following the 2008 season. When given the opportunity, Jones is one of the best three point shooters in the game. The Heat just have to give him a chance.

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