Sacramento Kings Guard Isaiah Thomas Improving His Game This Summer

By Dave Daniels
sacramento kings
Kelly L. Cox- USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Thomas showed a pretty nice game last season, and if he is improved then he could be a contributor in the Sacramento Kings’ future. He needs to improve his three point shot as well as his passing ability, but his game is on the rise and it would not shock me to see him play well next season. The Kings will certainly need it; they have been firmly entrenched in the cellar for some time and it will be interesting to see if DeMarcus Cousins can take the leap and become a franchise player. He seems for far to lack the maturity to do so, but if he can ever get that under control then he has the talent to take him to very high places.

Thomas could aid Cousins into the center’s development into a dominant big mnan, but we will just hbae to see how they gel together on the floor. Something tells me Thomas is not quite ready to be a playoff guard though, and with another season of disappointment we could see Cousins jump ship. His old college teammate John Wall seems to be doing pretty well with a nex max contract with the Washington Wizards so if it does not work out with Cousins, then look for the old teammates to reunite. As a Wizards fan myself, I would not complain. However I’m still rooting for Thomas to have improved game, but this year could be the end of the line for Cousins and the Kings if things do not go well.

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