Boston Celtics May Cut Jared Sullinger After His Arrest

By Jay Cullen
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Sullinger turned himself in to police Tuesday morning to answer questions about a domestic violence incident. He was then arrested and charged with assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and witness intimidation in an issue with his girlfriend. He is due in court later today, September 3.

Sullinger had a standout college career at Ohio State and was well respected there and in the NBA. He was considered a good prospect in the NBA averaging six points and six rebounds for the Boston Celtics last year. This arrest could mean the end of that career, though, if he is found guilty and must spend time in jail.

While the details are not all known, Sullinger may be cut for a variety of reasons. One, the fact that he turned himself in suggests guilt. Two, after the New England Patriots handled the Aaron Hernandez arrest the way they did, the other Boston area teams may want to follow suit. Obviously the circumstances are different, but there is evidence that both made grave errors and probably do not belong on the team. Finally, Sullinger is expendable. This is the sad truth of sports, but if Sullinger were higher a higher profile player the team would be more likely to side with Sulllinger.

Hopefully whatever the Celtics choose to do,  they try to make the best of a bad situation. All the information is not yet known, but it sounds like Sullinger has made a grave mistake and could pay dearly for it.

Jay Cullen is an NBA and New York Giants writer for RantSports.

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