Charlotte Bobcats' Rebounding Abilities Will Improve Tremendously This Season

By danielcarney
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, it was no question that the Charlotte Bobcats struggled greatly when it came to rebounding.

The Cats ranked a dreadful 27th in the NBA with a total of 40.3 rebounds per game. The team leader in rebounding last year was center Bismack Biyombo, who averaged 7.3 rebounds per game. If 7.3 is the best rebounding average on the team, then you know there has got to be a problem.

Their two centers last year (Biyombo and Byron Mullens) only averaged a total of 13.7 rebounds per game — a total that was almost matched by Dwight Howard‘s total of 12.4 rebounds a game. No wonder why the Cats could not rebound for their lives last year.

That main reason why the rebounding for this team was 27th in the league is because of the lack of consistency from the centers. Though Biyombo and Mullens are solid players, they weren’t playing the best basketball they were capable last in Charlotte.

After Mullens’ departure to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Bobcats needed to add a solid big man to the roster, and they actually did something great (I know you don’t hear that a lot). I feel the Cats did a solid job of improving their rebounding core by signing former Utah Jazz big man Al Jefferson.

Though Jefferson is not the most gifted defender, his scoring and rebounding abilities set him aside from many other big men in the NBA today.

Jefferson averaged 9.2 rebounds a game last year (14th best in the league) while also scoring a very solid 17.8 points a game last year in Utah. Not only will Jefferson bolster the Cats’ rebounding core, but he will help mentor young players like Bismack Biyombo (an already solid rebounder who needs some guidance from a veteran) and newly-drafted center/power-forward Cody Zeller (second-highest rebounding average in the Big-10 last year with 8.2 a game).

So what is one thing Bobcats fans can be really exited to watch this season? The huge improvement of the team’s rebounding, starting with the new guys in Charlotte, Zeller and Jefferson. The two will bolster the Cats’ rebounding abilities and ultimately lead this team to more success than in past years.

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