Is Kris Humphries Really a Bad Fit with Boston Celtics?

Kris Humphries

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I know, I don’t like it either. Kris Humphries is a member of the Boston Celtics. During games, we can’t boo him. Green and white jerseys with “Humphries” sewn on the back will be for sale in the TD Garden. Eddie Paladino shall proudly announce his name game after game. With all of these unsettling ideas planted firmly in our minds, it’s time for a coping method.

The Celtics signed a 28-year-old, non-injury prone big man from an upstart team. He is known for being a tenacious rebounder. While he had a down season last year, he averaged a double-double in points and rebounding the season before. He’s no Dikembe Mutombo, but he can swat the occasional floater too. He could be defined as a running big man, and isn’t a shabby defender either. Despite his size- and strength-based game, he only averages two fouls per game. At last, the Celtics brought in a durable, young big man who can rebound like crazy.

That’s exciting, right?

Just assume for a moment that Rajon Rondo and Humphries can act like grown men and forget about their scuffle last November. In fact, Humphries has come out and said he doesn’t think it will affect anything at all. As long as Rondo and Humphries can coexist, the biggest knock against this trade is dead in the water immediately.

Now, get past the part where Humphries is known around the league not entirely for basketball reasons, and look at things objectively. While he isn’t a fan favorite, Humphries is the kind of player the Celtics have needed literally for years. Sure, it might be a little too late now that the Celtics are out of title contention, but finding a player of his ability and size is harder than finding the other things Boston needs to have a good team moving forward.

He also fits in well with the Celtics’ youth-dominated front court. In this situation, “youth dominated” isn’t even referring to rookies. Jared Sullinger is 21. Chris Wilcox and Gerald Wallace are 31. Brandon Bass is 28. The age of old guys in the paint are over for the Celtics, and the addition of Humphries makes it official.

Signing Humphries may not have been the most glamorous thing Celtics GM Danny Ainge could have done, but it solves problems. The Celtics added the type of player they’ve needed for some time now. Humphries playing for the Celtics is going to be weird to watch at first, but he can help the team. Strange as it may feel, Boston fans should get behind any player who is going to help the Celtics.

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  • bob

    Forgot to mention that players tend to play their best in the last year of a contract. It seems dumb to even mention the encounter with Rhondo. They were not on the same team. As for his past short term marriage, Hump cared more about his basketball career than his sexy wife could stand. He will no longer have that distraction.

    • Sean McKenney

      You’re exactly right, Bob. I expect Humphries to play better in Boston than Brooklyn for a number of reasons, contract included. As for his off the court stuff, I could see that really fading out this year. When you just look at his numbers and not his reality TV career, he’s a good player.