New York Knicks Player Profile 2013: Pablo Prigioni

By Ricardo A. Hazell
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The words “if only” often act as usurpers of reality because they allow us to comfortably daydream about whatever whimsical musing our minds see fit to dwell upon, but all the dreaming in the world won’t make those musings real. If only, for example, New York Knicks‘ veteran point guard Pablo Prigioni had come to the NBA in 2003 instead of 2013.

While we’re on the “if only” train it would be nice to wish Prigioni were turning 28 years old this season instead of 38. But, alas, none of that is  based on reality.  The reality of the matter is Prigioni is a 37 year old backup point guard whose best years were spent on the hardwood of some of the world’s most competitive professional basketball leagues.

At 6-foot-3 and 185-pounds Prigioni has the physical dimensions of the prototypical modern day NBA point guard. But unlike many modern day NBA point guards, Pablo would rather pass the ball, then pass the ball some more…and pass the ball yet again. Then he’ll shoot. There were several instances last season and during the playoffs in which the whole of Knicks nation appeared to scream in unison “SHOOT IT!” whenever Pablo would pass up a shot or hesitate to let it fly from deep despite being wide open more often than not.

Prigioni will likely only see sporadic minutes behind starter Raymond Felton and his likely backup Beno Udrih. But, as was illustrated during the Knicks’ first round series versus the Boston Celtics, Prigioni will give the team productive minutes whenever called upon.

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